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Anastasia Barron, CMT

Integrative Bodywork ~ Somatic Process ~ Trauma Release


I have been a bodyworker and somatic practitioner since 2012, bridging the space between physical symptoms and deeper causes. I gradually came to focus more and more on how somatic awareness and nervous system regulation support our capacity to heal from the effects of trauma, navigate stress, and become more resilient in the face of challenge. I offer integrative bodywork that combines deep relaxation with a technical orientation to healing acute and chronic pain, as well as somatic process work oriented towards nervous system regulation and trauma resolution.

I began my bodywork journey in 2012 at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork on Kauai. From the get-go, my bodywork training included not only techniques to work with the soft tissues, but also somatic and mindfulness practices that engaged the whole person in a process focused on physical healing. I began my practice in the Bay Area after graduating, working both in clinics and in private practice, continuing to research and experience the connection between mind, body, and the emotional world.


I am certified as a Touch for Trauma practitioner having trained with Kathy Kain of Somatic Practice. I studied Reichian psycho-physiological armoring patterns and energetic competency with Lynda Caesara, and worked at the Healus Neuro-Rehab Institute in Mill Valley before moving to Humboldt and into private practice. I am also a dancer, performance-maker, and a new mother, and bring my awareness of the creative, relational body into all my work.


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