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Devon Love
Intuitive Counseling ~ Bodywork ~ Elemental Therapy ~ Guided Journeys ~ Hot Stone & Crystal Healing, Spiritual Mentoring

Hi! My name is Devon Love. I am an intuitive healer with 20+ years of experience and a lifetime of passion for supporting dynamic shifts using holistic and integrated healing practices. 

I specialize in very focused, intentional healing work. I have a gift for holding space and supporting whatever needs to happen. When working with clients, I assess all levels/dimensions of their being. Physical, mental, emotional, and energetic/spiritual. I have many many tools and healing protocols and practices I can teach and share.


My main modalities are intuitive counseling, bodywork, and energy work. Deep listening and intuitive inquiry, paired with bodywork are the foundation of most sessions.  All the other bounty of tools and knowledge flows through these pathways. Clients leave feeling well taken care of on all levels.

I am absolutely on fire for this work! It is so incredibly important to me. Every being who enters my healing space is like a whole universe of discovery, an amazing magical mystery of creation. Everyone has their own unique essence, gifts, and purpose that I am "all in" to support and help uncover and activate. In my healing room, whatever is needed, we will always dive deep.


If you feel the calling of your soul to do this work, get in touch. I look forward to meeting and working with you!