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Debi Cooper, CRP CCP

Back In Balance Healing

Reiki - Crystal Therapy - Shamanic Healing - Past Life Regression - Reiki for pets - Crystal Therapy for Pets


Debi began her holistic healing practice more than 7 years ago. She was trained by some of the most highly regarded teachers in their fields. She studied with Nikki Scully, the official peace pipe carrier for the Grateful Dead, a Shamanic Healer and author of Alchemical Healing, Rev. Normandi Ellis, who translated the Egyptian Book of the Dead into Awakening Osiris, a profound spiritual text and  Salina Rain, astrologist and Reiki Master. As well, Debi received her crystal healing certification from Hibiscus Moon. Debi has taken everything she has learned from these teachers and her own life journey to create a transformative healing practice.


The mission behind the healing work at Back In Balance is simply to get the body’s energy centers aligned and in balance.  Exploring the many ways that we get out of balance is the first step to healing. Here are a few examples: Feelings of stress and anxiety, continually overworked, eating an unhealthy diet, relations with toxic people and even being inside old buildings.


Back in Balance offers different therapy modalities and tailors each session depending on what is needed for the client's healing process. Clients may also choose which therapy most appeals to them.


Feeling blocked, run down or have low energy? The energy centers in your body could simply be out of balance. Fighting an illness, an injury or emotional trauma? Perhaps your chakras are underactive. Simply want a relaxing yet rejuvenating experience? Create an act of kindness for yourself. Book an appointment today.  

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