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Jessica Dora, M.A.

As a practicing Reiki Master with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, I combine traditional counseling and Reiki, (along with a variety of other techniques depending on the individual), to help reduce stress, anxiety and physical ailments, as well as to improve relaxation, communication, relationships, general well-being, and overall holistic healing.

Through counseling, I assist clients in gaining new perspectives on past and present challenges, understanding and improving relationships, processing negative emotions and thoughts; Transforming problems and obstacles into solutions and growth opportunities.

Reiki is a gentle hands on healing method using energy, qi-universal life force, channeled through the practitioner to help facilitate healing, relaxation, stress relief, and pain relief, through clearing and refreshing the energy system and chakras, promoting healing at a deep and transformational level. Most clients report loving the renewed, lighter and shifted state they feel after receiving reiki in our sessions. It is also a lovely way to integrate and tie up the ends of the counseling session and bring the psychological to the physical and spiritual planes as well.

Depending on the day and client’s specific preferences, some prefer an emphasis on counseling, some on reiki, or solely one or the other. Though most enjoy a combination of both, which is flexible and can be adjusted and decided on in the moment and session-by-session. 

This holistic approach has proven extremely effective for clients because it works on both the physiological and the psychological level to enhance holistic well-being.

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