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Devon Love

Somatic Intuitive Therapy, Integrative Bodywork, Spiritual Coaching


Welcome to my bio page, thank you for your curiosity and presence. Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge, and ask forgiveness of, the original ancestral inhabitants, and their descendants, of the land our healing center sits on, the Wiyot and Yurok peoples. 


I began my healing journey at the age of 19. Since that time, I have read hundreds of books and had many different spiritual teachers and healers from many cultures. Each has contributed to my own healing. 

Along with these teachings, my deepest personal healing has come from time in nature, meditation, and intensive contemplation and self inquiry, magical heart opening work in women’s circles and retreats, as well as receiving healing sessions from other healers, especially acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


Through these practices I learned to trust myself, my intuition, my own inner knowing, and my body’s wisdom. I learned  to “feel to heal,” and to allow my heart and gut/womb intelligence, as well as the deep well of silence/stillness,  to guide me, rather than just my mind.


Drawing from the wisdom of all my teachers, from the Great Mystery, and from my own spirit, and in combination with my professional training in Swedish massage, I have synthesized the central practices that I offer/teach through my healing work. 

My passion is to hold space for the discovery of our own depths, and through curiosity, empathy, and inquiry, to uncover all that is hidden, all that can be revealed through deep listening. With gentle, nourishing processes, the true nature of our being can slowly emerge, bringing our own unique wisdom and inner knowing to guide the way forward.


Sessions begin with holding  safe, loving  space through somatic intuitive therapy, followed by integrative bodywork. The bodywork incorporates deep body listening, including all structures of both the physical and energy bodies,  with fluid, nurturing massage.  Bringing in nourishing body oils, hot stones, essential oils, crystals, gentle sounds, and weaving in guided meditation journeys throughout, a uniquely transformative, full spectrum healing experience unfolds. 

This work is progressive, and over time can be truly life changing. I work with each client on an individualized, custom basis, and we create a plan based on desired frequency of sessions and budget.  My greater intention is to support the evolution of the human heart and mind, and spirit guides this unfolding as we work together.

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