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 Living Abundantly During the Holiday season      (11am)

how to stay balanced physically and emotionally with plant allies

Sophia Lavender

Sometimes the gathering of family includes stress and dessert! Come learn different herbal remedies and nourishing foods to help you maintain the homeostasis of mind, body, and spirit during the season.


Healing Trauma   (12pm)

Stacey Small, L.Ac.

Learn about the neurophysiology of trauma and chronic stress and why it is so hard to move forward in our lives. Learn how acupuncture can help, give hope for moving out of our conditioned 'fight or flight' mode of being to one of calm, conscious awareness. A group acupuncture session will follow using a special 5 point acupuncture point protocol for healing the brain and nervous system allowing for transformative healing to occur.


Decoding and Transforming Stress    (1pm)

Katie Moore

What is stress? What does it feel like? What is your body telling you when you feel stressed? In this playful, interactive workshop, we will explore these questions and gain tools to tap into our body's innate wisdom to channel the energy of stress into creative expression for insight, healing and fun. The workshop will include guided meditation, gentle movement, and opportunities for journaling and drawing. A notebook or journal is recommended.  


Healing Trauma with Mindfulness & Self-Compassion (3pm)

Tina Ball

Leading edge psychology and neuroscience is revealing the power and effectiveness of compassion. Learn techniques to create a space from your own experience and tap into your own Capabilities of Compassion, Curiosity, Calm, Clarity, Courage, Connectedness, Confidence and Creativity.




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