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Stacey Small L.Ac.

Scientists have observed that stimulation of acupuncture points produce measurable physiological responses which have a regulatory effect on the whole body. Changes in brain activity, hormonal levels, blood pressure, heart rate and immune function have been observed. Acupuncture has the ability to tap into deep and forgotten places, allowing  individuals to process and let go of very old traumas and issues, making way for true transformative healing to take place. Acupuncture is deeply relaxing, as it releases endorphins, the bodies “natural opiates”.


Daisy Ching

Deep in our muscle memory chronic stress and trauma embeds itself. Using deep tissue technique not only helps to release stress from the tissues but allows memories and other events we are holding on to to be released. The 45 minute massage can either intensely focus on one area or a complete full body massage can be done to promote relaxation, destress the mind, increase circulation, relieve pain and foster healing.

Energy Work Session

Katie Moore

Energy is the basis for all things. Both science and ancient spiritual wisdom tell us this. What we see in physical form is a manifestation of sub-atomic particles of energy. We, ourselves, are no exception. In an energy work session, Katie uses an integrated and intuitive approach to harmonize your energetic blueprint. Using Reiki, Divine Energy Medicine, acupressure, gentle massage, sound healing, and aromatherapy, she crafts sessions unique to each client. This work is profoundly healing on all levels - emotional, physical and spiritual - as it brings the foundational system into balance from the inside out. For more information visit

Herbal Consultations

Sophia Lavender

An initial consultation includes two parts. The first part allows for an in depth gathering of information regarding one's health and lifestyle. Sophia will assess you using tongue and pulse diagnosis. Secondly, she will present a personalized herbal protocol providing commentary on what areas to focus your health goals on.

Somatic Experiencing

Jessica Dyer

In Somatic Experiencing sessions, you will learn to consciously attend to your body sensations and cues for healing and integration. Tragic and traumatic life events can overwhelm the nervous system and cause habituated body responses. Often physical and psychological symptoms are related to the untold memories retained in the body. Somatic Experiencing offers a path to help the nervous system’s ability to self-regulate and release energy held in the body, alleviate symptoms, restore self-regulation, and help you feel more present.The work feels a little like guided mindfulness but with awareness toward the inner world and the world of subtle sensation, imagery, and body memories: impressions. 

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