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for The Arcata healing Arts Center

Support the Arcata Healing Arts Center 


Hello dear friends! We are reaching out to you because we need help sustaining our beautiful healing space - the Arcata Healing Arts Center - during this challenging time. And to thank you for your support, we are giving away some amazing prizes – including many wonderful healing sessions!


Due to the pandemic, for many months we were required to close the Healing Arts center. Yet, we continued to pay rent in order to keep the space alive, envisioning a time when the Center would be open again and we could go back to doing the work that we love – helping our community heal and thrive.


Thankfully, that time has arrived, and we are happy to be serving clients again – with new protocols in place to protect ourselves and our clients and prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition to strict sanitizing protocols between clients, we are limiting the number of practitioners working at the same time and the number of clients we see. This means less income for our practitioners, and we have all been pitching in a little more to cover extra expenses since we lost a practitioner due to the pandemic. But we are committed to keeping the space alive. We are doing our best to keep the Center going in this challenging time when so much healing is needed and so many other healing spaces in our community have permanently closed.


However, we need a little help to cover some of the extra expenses of keeping the center going through the pandemic. So we are reaching out to you. Please help us sustain the Healing Arts Center. We are so grateful for your support! And to express our gratitude, we are giving away nearly $1000 worth of wonderful gift incentives that will support your healing and growth!


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Gift Incentives:

Package of 3 long-distance animal Reiki sessions with Katie Moore
Treat a furry friend to 3 relaxing, healing sessions from the comfort of their own home. Reiki aids in healing illness & injury, anxiety and depression, as well as promoting well-being and vitality, while soothing the discomforts of old age. All pets can benefit from this gentle, yet powerful work! In these sessions, which typically last 20 minutes each, the practitioner, Katie, sends Reiki energy long-distance, so no face-to-face interaction is required.   $75 value

Baby Massage Lesson with Trinity Calabrese

Parents - learn to massage your infant from birth to age one. Trinity will demonstrate on a doll and show a basic routine as well as specific moves to help with chest congestion, gas or colic. Outdoor, or video options available. Value $75

Package of 2 long-distance Reiki sessions with Katie Moore
Receive 2 relaxing, healing and restorative Reiki sessions from the comfort of your own home. Reiki balances the energetic body, gently opening stuck and constricted places and restoring healthy flow of energy. This aids both emotional and physical healing and connects the body with its vital essence. Reiki facilitates a relaxed, centered, meditative state and promotes general well-being. It is helpful for depression, grief, and anxiety, as well as lethargy and physical illness and injury. These sessions typically last 30 minutes and start with a guided relaxation meditation over the phone. After that, the practitioner, Katie, sends Reiki energy long-distance, so no face-to-face interaction is required.   $80  value


Divination Reading with Heather O’Connell

In this reading, Heather will work in partnership with her helping spirits to access guidance on your behalf to help you gain clarity and insight around a subject of interest such as your health, relationships, work, home, etc. The reading can be done in person or by phone. $125 value


Alchemical Hypnotherapy Session with Katie Moore
Be guided into a relaxed, light trance and enjoy a healing journey through your inner landscape. Because it works with the subconscious mind, Alchemical hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for exploring and changing the roots of unwanted life patterns and habits as well as self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. The light trance state also allows for easier connection with inner wisdom, higher consciousness, and spiritual guidance. In this session, which will last 1-2 hours, you will connect with an important inner guide/archetype who you can continue to work with throughout your life for healing and growth. This session may be done in-person or long-distance via zoom. $150 value

Breathe Deep Tincture from Rooted Moon Medicinals (2 oz)

This tincture is an herbal blend that aids the body in fighting respiratory conditions. $15 value

Mushroom Immunity Tincture from Rooted Moon Medicinals (2 oz)

This tincture is a super immune booster. It builds respiratory health and benefits and supports many other systems in the body. $15 value

2 Wild Rose Tinctures made by Stacey Small L.Ac.

Rose is very calming and balancing, assisting us in finding a ground level state from which we can access our real emotions rather than just react. In this way, it can help those suffering from anxiety, anger, insecurity, grief, depression or anyone needing more self-love. It is like an emotional modulator, balancing out both intense feelings and intense apathy, and provides a solid foundation from which to sense and connect to the world we are a part of. Value $15 each, $30 total value

Sister Medicinals Calming Elixir (2 oz.)

This elixir will put your mind and body at ease during stressful times. $20 value


Sister Medicinals Immune Stimulant Tincture (2oz.)

This tincture can be used preventatively or at the onset of a cold or flu to boost the bodies natural immunity.  $20 value

doTERRA Peppermint essential oil (15 ml)  
Pure, therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil is distilled from the leaves of peppermint plants and has a plethora of uses. It is cooling, uplifting and energizing. It is helpful for digestive issues, sinus congestion, headaches, muscle pain, and more. It can even be added to baked goods instead of peppermint extract.  $29 value

Four $15 Gift Certificates to Heart Bead in Arcata. Total value $60

​Special thanks to Rooted Moon Medicinals, Sister Medicinals and Heart Bead for their generous donations! Winners will be randomly selected and notified when the fundraising goal is met. Gift certificates for services will be mailed to winners. Items such as tinctures are available for local pick up only.


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