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Heather O'Connell
Shamanic Healing ~ Energy Healing ~ Journeying ~ Mediumship 

Heather O’Connell is a Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Steward, and Medium. She’s been practicing and teaching Cross-Cultural Healing, Plant Spirit Wisdom, Spiritual Land Stewardship, and animistic approaches to being in relationship and living well for over 10 years. She’s known for her warm, integrative, and experiential style of working with others.

Heather’s spiritual heritage is diverse with ancestral roots in both Celtic and Native American cultures. Her background includes apprenticeships in Core Shamanism, Cross-Cultural Healing methods, and Herbal Energetics, as well as extensive experiential training with Spiritual Teachers and Healers from many different wisdom traditions including; Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Cristina Pratt, Robert Moss, Mary Mueller Shutan, and Mary Pat Palmer, RH.

Heather’s relationship with her Helping Spirits and personal healing journey form how she approaches working with others. She places an emphasis on personal, cultural, and environmental Sovereignty, self-healing, direct revelation, authenticity, and honors each person’s unique spiritual development & healing journey. She knows firsthand the transformation that occurs when we learn how to navigate our lives from a place of passion, heart, and greater wisdom. She considers the role of a Healer to be someone who helps you find the key within yourself to heal. 


Heather offers Healing Sessions for humans, animals & businesses including Soul Retrieval, Divination Readings, Journeying Sessions, and Land, House & Space Healing Sessions by appointment in person, by phone, or via Zoom. You can also view her current schedule of classes and events by visiting her website