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Healing Services

Scientists have observed that stimulation of acupuncture points produce measurable physiological responses which have a regulatory effect on the whole body. Changes in brain activity, hormonal levels, blood pressure, heart rate and immune function have been observed. Acupuncture has the ability to tap into deep and forgotten places, allowing individuals to process and let go of very old traumas and issues, making way for true transformative healing to take place. Try this ancient healing modality and experience the shifts for yourself.

The benefits of massage are many. From relaxation, stress relief, and deeper self awareness, to lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, and supporting deeper and easier breathing, massage is one of the most effective preventative healing tools available today. Injuries heal more quickly, birth becomes more relaxed and peaceful, the body becomes more flexible and agile, and tension and stress are melted away. Whether you want nurturing relaxation, neck or back pain relief, injury treatment, or deep muscle release, give yourself the gift of massage, you will be so glad you did.



Reiki is a very popular and quickly growing healing modality. Why? Because it is simple, effortless, and it works. There is an opening that happens with Reiki, a creation of space, for vital life force to come in and bring balance and healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki practitioners have a special glow about them. Working with this energy regularly changes a person, and brings subtle shifts and growth. Recieving reiki is something everyone should experience. It has a magical, freeing quality unlike any other modality. It works on subtle levels and treats all conditions.  Experience reiki and feel the flow of energy available to you with this powerful modality.


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