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Human Evolution: The Awakened Heart

The human heart is like a delicate flower, and also the source of the most powerful energy on the planet. The creator of life resides inside your heart, and to awaken to this is to really begin to live. How can we awaken this most powerful creative force?

The world today is a reflection of our mind. We are so intensely intellectual...we love to think think think. All this powerful mental energy is so seductive. We can create such stories, such pictures, such drama, with our minds. We can create new ways to do things, new ways to travel, communicate, and create wealth. We can create mind-numbing entertainment and addictions to keep our minds disconnected from source. We can create such intricate weaving's of complex interaction and exchange. When we look, we can see all of this reflected in the world that we have created, collectively, on this planet. We are all deeply engaged in being so busy intellectualizing and creating from the energy of our minds.

When we look closely, we can see that creating in this way, though powerful, is not whole. This way of creating often produces suffering. The suffering we see in the world today is a result of societies who are focused on creating from a purely intellectual will. So what is missing? The energy of the heart.

I watched a video from Standing Rock this morning. Standing Rock has so quickly become a name that we all know. It is a powerful Sacred place, where human evolution is happening in real time. In this video, young leaders within this sacred movement were speaking. They were speaking with such intelligence. Their minds were clearly well developed, and they all had powerful intellectual abilities. Any of them could have used those abilities to create wealth, personal gain, and great intellectual satisfaction for themselves. They could have also been a part of creating the suffering they are speaking out against. But they have chosen a different path. These intelligent humans have become awakened in their hearts, and through this, they have become whole. What they create is born from a balance of the intellectual capabilities of their minds blended and balanced with the intuitive compassion of their hearts.

We who want to create more beauty and less suffering must continually strive to create from this balance. It is not easy in a society which has been created from the mind, an out of control energy in our reality these days. Yet it is so clear, when we look, what our path is. We cannot use our over developed minds to bring balance. We must awaken our hearts, every day, in order to create the beauty and harmony we wish to see in the world.

As overdeveloped as we are intellectually, awakening the heart takes vigilance. It takes stillness. It takes quieting the busy mind. It takes breathing deeply to open the channels of energy in the body. It takes reflection, self-inquiry, solitude. It takes rest, and dreaming. It takes retreat, and self-care. Self love is the elixir of the heart. We can create vast inner space in which to hold our own beautiful hearts, and in this way, we begin to awaken, and become whole.

Here is a link to that video from Standing Rock. Let it inspire you. We are beautiful in our Unity. We are beautiful, and wholly powerful, in our awakened hearts.

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