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Healing Day



See Sessions page

for descriptions of sessions.


Sessions are 30 minutes 

$30 cash, check or venmo only

(pre-registration required)


**Please only register if you know

for sure that you will be able to attend.**


maximum one session per person.


To sign up go to the contact page

 Fill out a contact form with the name of the session

and the time you desire.

Once your space has been confirmed you

will receive a confirmation email. 

9:30    Opening Ceremony

10:00   Reiki with Jessica- booked

10:00   Acupuncture with Stacey- booked

10:00   Massage with Amanda-booked

10:00   Craniosacral Therapy with Trinitybooked


10:45   Massage with Devonbooked

10:45   Cupping with Staceybooked

10:45   Massage with Amanda-booked

10:45   Reiki with Trinitybooked

11:30  Massage with Devonbooked

11:30  Acupuncture with Stacey- booked

11:30  Massage with Jodie-booked

11:30  Craniosacral with Trinitybooked

12:15  Reiki with Jessica--booked

12:15   Somatic Process with Anastasia-booked

12:15   Massage with Jodie-booked

1:00     Reiki with Jessica-booked

1:00      Somatic Process with Anastasia-booked

1:00      Massage with Amandabooked

1:45     Massage with Devonbooked

1:45     Acupuncture with Staceybooked

1:45     Massage with Amanda- booked

2:30     Massage with Devon- booked

2:30     Somatic Process with Anastasiabooked

2:30     Massage with Jodie-  booked

2:30     Massage/Gua sha with Trinity- booked

3:15    Reiki with Jessica-booked

3:15    Cupping with Stacey- booked

3:15    Massage with Jodie-booked

3:15    Massage/Cupping with Trinitybooked


3:30    Raffle 

4:00    Closing Ceremony

**If you would like to be put on the waitlist for a session please send a message through the contact page and we will notify you if there is a cancellation.**

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