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Community Healing Day Sessions

Sessions are 30 minutes

** Learn more about each practitioner by 

clicking on the practitioner's name. **


Relaxing massage reset:

A deeply relaxing head, neck, face, and foot massage accompanied by a meditative guided journey.




A deeply relaxing session focused on calming the nervous system, balancing and fortifying the body.


Cupping helps ease tension, alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and promotes relaxation.



Somatic Process:

Supporting nervous system resilience and regulation through expanding the capacity to access somatic resource. A mini session of following what’s alive, which may include neuro-affective touch, releasing holding patterns around the breath and voice, and supporting the kidneys.



A deep and nourishing massage, focusing on shoulders, neck, head, and feet, supporting circulation, relaxation, and melting away any held tension.



Gentle to moderate bodywork that promotes relaxation and ease. 

Sessions include massage and other hands-on techniques. Essential oils used by request. Prenatal Massage is also available




Oil Massage with focus on the back and arms ending with cupping. 


Massage/Gua sha:

Oil massage with focus on the back and arms ending with gua sha. Gua sha increases circulation and relieves pain and tension. 



A light-touch, manual therapy that releases tension, as well as restrictions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve overall health.



Very light touch that encourages a healthy flow of energy in the body to increase relaxation, promote healing, lower stress, improve mood and emotional well being.



Gentle hands on healing, providing a calming and restorative experience. Reiki provides a cleansing and refreshing of the energy system, chakra balancing, and relieving mild discomforts. Helps aid in reducing stress, pain, and in shifting one’s energetic state, allowing for a healing and uplifting experience. 


Intuitive counseling:

Explore ways to navigate to higher states of awareness and fresh ways of viewing life circumstances. A safe space to explore one’s self and relationships, to receive practical and intuitive guidance.

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