Healing Arts Practitioners

Arcata Healing Arts Center is fortunate to have a group of  incredibly talented, skilled, and educated healers from widely varying backgrounds who have come together around a common vision. We are all very passionate about offering a variety of powerful healing modalities to you, right here in the heart of Arcata.


Here is an introduction to our healing practitioners. Check out their individual websites for more information. Each practitioner maintains their own schedule, so booking directly if you know who you want to see is best. 


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Stacey Small, L.Ac.
Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxa, Herbal Consultations 
Trinity Calabrese
Zen Touch Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage

Surya Sardonicus

Myofascial Release, Trigger Point,
Lymphatic Drainage

Jodie DiMinno

Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula,

Massage Therapist specializing in prenatal

and restorative massage

Heather O'Connell

Shamanic Healing,

Journeying, Mediumship

Devon Love

Intuitive Counseling, Bodywork, Elemental Therapy, Guided Journeys, Hot Stone & Crystal Healing, Spiritual Mentor